The way to Throw the Ultimate Frozen Fever Party

Frozen Fever Party
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If there is 1 thing we could publicly admit to, it is that we will not be able to “let it go” when it comes to everything  Frozen. That is precisely why we had been overjoyed with the launch of Disney’s Frozen Fever brief. In an endeavor to hold ourselves over before Anna, Elsa, and the entire gang come back in the sequel, we are whipping up all sorts of  recipes and crafts for the supreme  Frozen Fever-motivated party.

1.) Pom-Pom Snowgies

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

You are able to create these cute Snowgies with merely a couple of pom-poms, felt, and paste. They are the perfect, subtle decoration for any Frozen-themed gathering. (through Disney Family)

2. Lavender Lemonade

Image source: The Melrose Family
Picture source: The Melrose Family

Your little ones will love sipping on a beverage that is purple AND motivated by one of those Frozen Fever celebration refreshments!) (through The Melrose Family)

3.) Frozen Fever Puppy Chow

Image source: Raising Whasians
Picture resource: Raising Whasians

And you believed puppy chow could not get any better!   (through Raising Whasians)

4.) Olaf Cheese Sticks

Image source: Yummy Mummy Kitchen
Picture resource: Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Children (and grownups) absolutely love string cheese, but did you know that you could easily turn this timeless bite into Olaf? All you will need is a permanent marker and a bit of  imagination! (through Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

5.)     Olaf’s Frozen Fever Heal

image source: disney family
picture origin: disney household

If you have seen the brief (which we are confident that you have at least 100 occasions), you are knowledgeable about the second Olaf stuffs his encounter with Anna’s birthday cake.) Recreate it using a miniature Olaf and citrus cake! (through Disney Family)

6.) Green Ombre Rice Krispie Treats

Image source: Love from the Oven
Picture source: Enjoy from the Oven

While Frozen brings blue to brain, Frozen Fever is all about greenery and springtime. Bring that into a celebration by means of these tasty homemade rice krispie treats. (through Love in the Oven)

7.) Snowgie Snowflakes

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

Let us face it, they are the most adorable little monsters in all of Arendelle, so why don’t you bring them in your property? Deck the halls with those cute — and simple to create — Snowgie newspaper snowflakes! (through Disney Family)

8.) Sunflower Roll Cake

Image source: Haniela's
Picture resource: Haniela’s

We will be honest, we still have not managed to get Anna’s birthday cake from our heads. You can now recreate it to your own   Frozen Fever  celebration!) (through Haniela’s)

9. Snowgie Cookies

Image source: Koali Pops
Picture resource: Koalipops

Bring these small men to life — about the dessert table!)   Frozen Fever-fans will go mad for these prized Snowgie biscuits. (through Koalipops)

10. Sunflower Party Banner

Image source: DIY Inspired
Picture resource: DIY Inspired

Sunflower decoration is a large part of almost any  Frozen Fever motif, which explains precisely why this DIY sunflower banner is the best accessory to the gathering! (through DIY Inspired)

View Frozen Fever’s television debut on Sunday, November 29th on Disney Channel, throughout the initial break of Descendants approximately 7:-LRB-********************************************************************************************)pm ET/PT.

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The way to Throw the Ultimate Frozen Fever Party