Kid-Made DIY: Washi Tape Valentines

image source: nichole redinger
picture origin: nichole redinger

Do you understand all of the faces and names of the other children in your child’s class? It is mid-year, and that I don’t. I am also convinced that there are other parents that don’t have any idea which one is my child. That is why this season, instead of simply picking up a box of generic superhero valentines for college, we are going to be creating something a little more private.

I recently discovered that it is possible to move text on washi cassette out of an inkjet-printed page. This sounded perfect for our valentines. Washi cassette comes in an infinite variety of beautiful colours and is quite kid-friendly. We use it for all in our home!

Follow along with us to create these fast, simple Valentine’s Day cards which will make your child’s friends giggle and help build a tiny neighborhood with their parents.

Washi Tape Valentines


  • Wallet-size photographs of your child (publish your personal or support print them)
  • Inkjet printer
  • High-quality printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Assorted washi tape, 1/2″ broad
  • 1 pack 3 x 5″ blank index cards
  • Glue stick


Measure 1: The Photo Shoot

First thing you will require is a range of absurd pictures of your child. For instance, I recorded up a blanket on the wall to create a backdrop. Taking the photographs out also works perfect for light, but it had been snowing here on the day we handled this project.

Pick your favourite ones and publish wallet-sized copies. Wallet size is generally exactly the same dimensions as a business card, which is 2 x 3″. Your child can help cut out them.

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Picture Source: Nichole Redinger

Measure 2: Fun with Fonts

While you are on the pc, type up several pages of wording on your valentines. You are able to create phrases into a number of different fonts, so simply make sure they aren’t taller than 1/2″. Print the text out, make sure you use an inkjet printer. We found the hard way that having a high quality printer paper is vital. A more affordable, recycled paper will tear when you’re working to take out the washi tape.

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Picture Source: Nichole Redinger

Step 3: Transfer the Text

Cut a period of washi tape to fit on your preferred text term. Gently put the washi tape above the text and gently rub it to smooth. Do not press too hard or so the tape won’t peel back up! Gradually remove the tape in the text. The ink should move onto your tape.

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Picture Source: Nichole Redinger

Step 4: Obtain Skilled

Utilize the washi tape phrases along with the wallet-sized photographs to decorate the indicator cards. Add anything else you want. Glitter, decals, and googly eyes all work good!

Image Source: Nichole Redinger
Picture Source: Nichole Redinger

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Kid-Made DIY: Washi Tape Valentines