Dad Creates Incredible Toddler Bed with Epic IKEA Hack

For most  parents, putting together IKEA furniture means frustration, combating, and frequently giving up (we find that you Ryan Reynolds), although maybe not for this particular daddy!

What’s a father to do if his toddler is worried about shifting to a big boy bed? Craft the very epic DIY we have ever seen. After his son said he’d just eliminate his crib when he would have “the most amazing mattress” Eric Strong was decided to make it happen.

Strong mixed few products for the supreme IKEA hack: a mattress with a slip, a secret area, and a ball jog. He is putting us all to shame with his construction  abilities and making his child’s bedroom fantasies come true.

We could only imagine the number of playdate requests will probably be rolling in!

And if you are feeling daring, try out one of these amazing IKEA hacks to your own child’s room!

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Dad Creates Incredible Toddler Bed with Epic IKEA Hack