Awaken the Force with All These Star Wars DIYs

Star Wars Crafts and Recipes
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We could hardly contain our excitement as the premiere date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens approaches. Our minds are focused as a Jedi’s on everything  Star Wars. From fun crafts into yummy recipes, we are bringing our favourite movie into our houses in many different creative ways. Fear not — now you can, too!

Check out 14 Star Wars-inspired crafts and crafts which are out of the world:


1.) Yoda Grapes

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

There’s much to be learned from Master Yoda — such as how to quickly get a little excess  fruit in your kids’ dietplan! (through Disney Family)

2.   Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies

Image source: Bake at 350
Picture resource: Bake at 350

Forget about the typical snowmen and snowflake-shaped biscuits — we are all about Star Wars gingerbread guys this season! (through Bake in 350)

3. Lightsaber Sugar Cookies

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

There is no  denying that Darth Vader is just one of the large screen’s best villains. These beautiful lightsabers do a fantastic job in paying tribute to him, but if you want the mild side  just swap out of the frosting colour. (through Disney Family)

4.) Princess Leia Cupcakes

Image source: Paint Brushes and Popsicles
Picture resource: Paint Brushes & Popsicles

Just the tastiest of components are utilized to turn our favored  Star Wars Princess to a cupcake! This dessert is really a two-for-one should you count the additional cookies. Delish. (through Paintbrushes & Popsicles)

5.) Chewbacca Cupcakes

Picture source: Disney Family

Who would not want to bite with this chocolatey Wookiee? This Chewbacca-themed cure would match perfectly with a Star Wars marathon. (through Disney Family)

6.) Stormtrooper Marshmallows

Image source: Catch My Party
Picture source: Grab My Party

This Stormtrooper bite could not be any easier to make. All you will need is a few marshmallows, a meals mark, along with a steady hand. Your children will enjoy helping — and eating — this particular treat. (through Catch My Party)

7.) Lightsaber Pretzels

image source: disney family
picture source: disney household

Let your children fight it out — Star Wars style — using those yummy and amazing lightsaber pretzel sticks. (through Disney Family)


1.) BB-8 Tote Bags

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

There is a brand new, cute bot on the spectacle!) Up to now, BB-8 appears to be the breakout star of their newest  Star Wars movie) With this DIY bag you may add BB-8 for your own accessories! (through Disney Family)

2.   Star Wars Mobile

Image source: Mad in Crafts
Picture source: Mad at Crafts

Recruit your children to the Star Wars fandom after possible by hanging this cute cellphone over their crib. (through Mad at Crafts)

3.   Chewbacca Sock Puppet

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

Carry playtime into another level with this  amazing Chewbacca sock puppet DIY!) (through Disney Family)

4.)   DIY Droid

Image source: All For The Boys
Picture resource: All For The Boys

Have your children craft their own small droids from recycled household things. They will love seeing those toys come to life from cups and egg cartons! (through All for your Boys)

5.) Princess Leia Headband

Image source: Disney Family
Picture source: Disney Family

Leia’s hairdo is a timeless, but not always the easiest thing to replicate. Anyone can game Leia’s appearance with this enjoyable DIY headband. (through Disney Family)

6.)   Star Wars Finger Puppet

Image source: (All for the Boys)
Picture resource: (All for the Boys)

If you are like us, you are a major fan of “Goodnight Darth Vader”. Incorporating these finger puppets to your narrative time regular will definitely be a hit with your children!   (through All for your Boys)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is  currently in theatres December 18.

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Awaken the Force with All These Star Wars DIYs