7 Adorable Baby-Wearing Halloween Costumes

On Halloween night, we all know the kiddos will be dashing us outside the door so that they can obtain their trick-or-treating on. In addition, we are aware that it may be a true battle to chase them out of house to house using a baby in tow, that explains the reason we’re obsessed with those baby-wearing costumes.   They cover all of the bases: a  joyous outfit for both baby and you, and free hands to throw candy from your old child’s bucket (we won’t tell if you do not).

1. Baby’s very first jailbreak never looked cuter.

2. We would choose this baby out of the patch daily.

3. This contraption will leave you hands to stir your own witches brew.

4. Turning a infant carrier to some Nimbus 2000? Genius.

5. Halloween, in which the wild things are secured to a chest for simple trick-or-treating!


6. You can be both a superhero and a supermom this season.

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7. The force is strong with this costume.

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7 Adorable Baby-Wearing Halloween Costumes