5 Toddler-Friendly DIY Menorahs for Hanukkah

5 Toddler Menorah DIY

The holidays have a means of sneaking up on us, this season won’t be any different. We wish to be well prepared with merry crafts to our little ones, beginning with Hanukkah!

If you think about Hanukkah you think about menorahs, which explains precisely why we’re eager to receive our toddlers involved  in making their very own. These flameless versions are great for educating our tots concerning the Festival of Lights — minus the threat of candles.

Appreciate crafting those five toddler-friendly DIY menorahs:

1.) LEGO Mini-figure Menorah

Image source: Bible Belt Balabusta
Picture resource: Bible Belt Balabusta

Whatever you have to do in order to build this kid-friendly menorah will be the ideal LEGO bricks! You will require eight mini-figures (we are certain that you can scrounge up some from beneath the sofa), any fundamental coloured brick, and the fire bits. Their circular small heads serve as ideal “candle holders.”

(through Bible Belt Balabusta)

2.) Felt Wall Menorah

Image source: Repeat Crafter Me
Picture source: Duplicate Crafter Me

We love how easy this craft would be to create and can just imagine how much fun our small ones could have using their very own life-size menorah. What greater way to educate the children about Hanukkah than with this adorable felt menorah?

(via Duplicate Crafter Me)

3. Stick Figure Menorah

Image source: Every day Dishes
Picture resource: Everyday Dishes

Finally, a use for our leftover Hanukkah wrapping paper!) If you would like to be a bit more hands-on together with your child’s crafting, then this is the best bonding job for you. If you can not locate wooden rod figures, we’d advise using paper dolls and pasting them on the candles (recall — we do not intend to mild these!) .

(through Every Day Dishes)

4.) Toilet Paper Roll Menorah

Image source: Leah's Thoughts
Picture resource: Leah’s Ideas

Here is actually the menorah of parents’ fantasies — minus the glitter.   You are able to DIY this kid-friendly menorah side-by-side along with your toddler, created from  things found around your property. All you will need are toilet paper rolls, 1 paper towel roll, construction paper, glue, not to mention glitter.

(through Leah’s Ideas)

5.) Clothespin Menorah

Image source: Scrumdillydo
Picture resource: Scrumdillydo

A menorah your children can learn and play with — what more can a parent ask for? The painted candles are all made with clothespins, which makes it super easy for toddlers to play with.

(through scrumdilly-do)

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5 Toddler-Friendly DIY Menorahs for Hanukkah